Founder and CEO of Safi SpiritSafi Spirit was built solely on the premise of promoting great healthy skin by using a vegan product. The idea was born when I was told by my youngest son’s dermatologist that I would have to use steroids on his eczema ridden skin. He was 2 at the time and after doing a little bit of research, I found that the medication the Dr. was offering up was toxic and would eventually thin his skin. This was not something that I nor my husband was interested in so we decided that we would invest our time in creating a cream that would soothe and eliminate his rough, dry, itchy skin that is also known as eczema. As time went on and more people were able to try this cream, more products evolved. We then created an eczema soap as well as a salve thus Safi Spirit Vegan Skincare line was in full swing.

Being a Culinary trained chef by trade, I took what I learned in the field with culinary chemistry and applied it to this wonderful line of skincare that is carefully crafted by using all that is from mother earth herself. We went on to create an entire line of men’s products, handcrafted soaps, body oils, a probiotic deodorant, activated charcoal toothpaste, body butters, sugar body scrubs, lavender hand soap and much, much more.

We look at Safi Spirit Vegan Skincare as a wellness skincare product that was designed with the entire family in mind. We specialize in the overall care of your skin with natural and holistic ingredients.

Welcome to the Safi Family……